5x Supermarket Swaps

If reducing your waste is relatively new to you, it's easiest to start small. We can't all make our own almond milk and coconut yoghurt and sometimes taking your jars to the deli to get dips and snacks can be a little daunting and/or time consuming.

Obviously I'd love you to avoid plastic where possible through shopping at the bulk food stores, farmers markets and bringing your own jars and bags to fill up your pantry, however I know from experience that isn't always possible.

So whether you're new to reducing your waste, pressed for time or travelling without a huge amount of options, here are 5x simple swaps to make in the supermarket for a more 'recyclable' trolley.

I've included two options for you to challenge yourself with: LEVEL 1 being the easier swap and LEVEL 2 being a better but slightly less convenient option. Let me know how you go!



LEVEL 1: Swap plastic-packed olives and antipasto for jar packed versions.

LEVEL 2: Take your own jars or containers to the supermarket deli section and ask them to package in yours.



LEVEL 1: Swap long life cartons (which are often lined with plastic and difficult to recycle) and plastic packaged liquid stock, or plastic packaged liquid stock for stock cubes which are packaged in cardboard and foil.

LEVEL 2: Make your own from your veggie scraps. Here is a recipe.



LEVEL 1: Swap plastic packed oats (and all grains for that matter) for ones in a cardboard box. And avoid buying 'sachets' as they create extra waste. You can easily portion them out and store each portion in a jar or re-usable bag.

LEVEL 2: Visit a bulk-foods store (or wholefoods store) and fill up your own glass jar or container.



LEVEL 1: Swap plastic-packed oils for ones in glass

LEVEL 2: Preference cold-pressed, organic oils (made in Australia) that are stored in dark glass bottles.



LEVEL 1: Choose thicker plastic containers (which are more easily recycled) than thin and scrunchable plastics which aren't recyclable. Avoid the squeeze tube yoghurts.

(Both Jalna & COYO yoghurts are in thicker plastic and have thick lids so they're a better choice)

LEVEL 2: Make your own yoghurt & store in a glass container.

Recipe for dairy version. Recipe for non-dairy.

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