How Sustainable Living Saves You Money

Making the shift to a new or different way of living is commonly generalised as a choice only possible for the 'affluent' of society, as many lifestyle changes are perceived to be accompanied with huge price tags. Popular lifestyle trends such as 'minimalism' and other such trends that appear all over high end magazines are probably the reason why.

However, using money as an excuse, is just that.. an excuse to avoid the discomfort of change. So if you're really keen to make a difference in your life, or know someone who keeps making excuses for their incredibly unsustainable habits, here are some great lifestyle hacks that I personally use to save money.

1. Exercise Outdoors

When you exercise outdoors, not only do you get the incredible healing benefits of spending time in nature, but you're not churning through unnecessary electricity sweating it out on machines that provide the exact same workout that you can get in nature.

For instance:

- Swap the stair climber for a set of stairs at your local park/beach/sport club etc.

- Swap the treadmill for a fun outdoor trail

- Swap leg resistance machines for sand running

- Swap Bars and benches at the gym to bars and benches at your local park

.... it's pretty straight forward when you think about it.

and you're saving yourself all that money from a gym membership

SAVINGS: $780 (for 1 year)

2. Make your own Toiletries

Marketing has done an incredible job at teaching us to spend an exorbitant amount of money buying products that really have no additional benefit to natural food products we use for cooking or cleaning. This study found that Australian women spend an average of $3,600 on beauty products each year!!!

Whilst they don't come with the gorgeous packaging, here are a few of the products that I use on a daily basis and if you fit into the above 'high-beauty spend' category, you will be amazed how much money you will save.

Here are a few easy, quick, toxin free ideas to get you started:

  • Toothpaste: A combination of bicarb soda, bentonite clay, stevia and coconut oil will do the trick

  • Deodorant: Mix together Arrowroot Powder, bicarb soda, bentonite clay coconut oil and essential oils

  • Hair Mask/ Leave in Conditioner: Coconut Oil

  • Moisturiser: Coconut Oil/Jojoba Oil/Almond Oil

... Just to name a few.

SAVINGS: $3,400 (per year)

3. Grow your own herbs

I was going to say grow your own food... but lets just start small. Choose your three favourite herbs (mine are basil, mint and coriander) and plant these in your garden or in a pot if you live in an apartment. This is such an easy step towards sustainability as you can just pick off as much as you need rather than having to chuck out half of the bunch when you buy it from the supermarket because it goes bad so quickly!

SAVINGS: $1500 (per year)

4. Air Dry your clothes instead of Using the Dryer.

I may be a little biased on this one as I have never actually owned a dryer, so to me they seem like a pointless waste of money. But guess what?! My clothes are all still in tact without one! So if you don't have a dryer or your old dryer has reached the end of its life, maybe consider not replacing it. You'll save the environment and your electricity bill.

SAVINGS: $120 for electricity + $500 for a dryer.

5. Go on Nature Adventures with Friends

Get out of your comfort zone, turn off your phone and find pleasure in the outdoors. Take a friend and relish in the simple things that nature can teach us.

Apart from just being and observing, here are a few things you can do in nature:

- Pack a picnic an walk to the top of a mountain and eat a picnic on top

- Go waterfall hunting

- Go to the beach and go rockpool hopping

- Search the beach for the prettiest shell

- Lie on the grass under the sun and read a book or have a heart-felt conversation

- Hike into the middle of nowhere and yell as loud as possible and dance around like a crazy person

- Sleep under the stars

- Do a treasure hunt in nature and search for leaves, bugs and wildflowers

...I've got plenty more ideas so leave a comment if you'd like more ideas :)

SAVINGS: Average of $7,800 per year (if you spent most of your leisure time in nature)

If you commit to all of these things for one whole year you could save a huge $14,100

Case closed.

Lots of Love, Morgan xx

walk gently on the earth as though you are kissing it with your feet.

Thich Naht Hahn