Tread Lighter in 5 Mins

I understand where you're coming from: You're a passionate and ambitious human with goals that demand 100% of your attention and a drive that is like non other, and because of this you're kicking absolute butt and achieving great things! However, you've realised that because you're literally doing EVERYTHING for your own ambitions, you've been a little neglectful of planet earth. You've seen the documentaries about climate change and the images of our plastic-filled seas, and you know you can't keep living how you're living because you're just contributing to it! Your days are so busy and yet you want to do your part to save the planet. I totally get you! Don't worry, you don't need to sacrifice your passions to save the earth, because it's actually pretty easy to reduce your eco-footprint.

So here are 11 things you can do to tread a little lighter on the planet. They're really quick and easy to thread into your daily routine.

Turn off the power

Turn things off at night/ after use! Many of the things in our houses and apartments are huge energy vampires, even when they're not in use. A couple of things to turn off particularly at night are:

- The wifi router - you're not using this whilst you sleep!

- The T.V and computer

- The heater - in winter I sleep with thermal socks, and a big jumper to keep me extra warm

- The lights - obviously at night they'll be off, but make sure they're off once you've left the room.

- Collect reusable bags and put them in the boot of your car.

This way you'll always have them with you when you go to do your grocery/market shopping.

- Wrap your leftovers in beeswax wrap:

Using the heat of your hands, soften your beeswax wraps and mould them around bowls, opened veg etc. To keep them fresh!

- Fill up a 1L water bottle every morning before you leave the house.

I find that 1L is enough to tide you through for at least half a day, until you're able to get to the next tap to refill.

- Pre-make your own lunch:

If you're short on time, I'd recommend having pre-made bits and pieces that you can chuck into a reusable container. Green Kitchen Stories have some great meal prep ideas HERE

- Freeze your food scraps:

This is one I got from Sarah Wilson's 'Simplicious' book. The idea is that you have a couple of different containers in your freezer, a couple of ideas are: a veggie stock container and a smoothie container. For the veggie stock, place carrot tops, onion offcuts, herb stalks, celery bits and potato skins etc. in a container in the fridge and once you've got 4 cups of the stuff, boil it with 8 cups of water and then reduce to simmer for 4 mins.

For the smoothie container, place leftover zucchini, cauliflower, strawberry tops, herbs, fruit offcuts etc. in a bag and then chuck in a blender with some banana, berries and nut milk and you're good to go! See Sarah's blog post HERE for more on freezing food

- Avoid using plastic to wrap fruit and veg at the supermarket:

Let's just be clear: you don't need a bag, let alone a plastic bag, for most vegetables, unless they're relatively small ie. beans, potatoes, tomatoes. Just put your sweet potatoes, cucumbers, capsicums and cauliflowers straight in the basket. If you're worries about the germs on the basket/checkout - I promise you they've been touched by worse things on their trip to the supermarket. Just give them a good rinse when you get home and you'll be fine!

- Limit your shower to 5 minutes:

Make this a challenge if you must, but I guarantee if you get your showers to 5 minutes you'll have much more time to do those extra little 'To Do's that keep getting post-poned.

- Only buy your fresh produce/ perishable food from the country you are in:

Pretty self explanatory, but if you live in Australia only buy fruit veggies, meat, dairy etc. that say 'grown/raised/made in Australia'. If you want to be even better, extend that to everything you buy!

- Search eBay, gumtree or Facebook marketplace first:

So you're searching for a pair of dumbbells, a winter coat or a kitchen scale. Have a quick browse for pre-owned items. I can guarantee you'll get them for much less than buying new.

- Donate to an eco cause:

Charities like Sea Shepherd and Green Peace are doing incredible things for mother nature. If you don't have the time to volunteer, consider making a monthly donation to an eco-charity of your choosing!

I've given you quite a few different ways to reduce your waste, however I don't expect you to master them all this week. Just pick one or two that seem the most realistic for you right now. Once they've become habitual, check back in with this last and add a couple more to your earth-saving repertoire.

If you have some quick, earth saving tips I'd love to here from you.

Thanks again for being conscious and taking your environmental impact into your own hands. Together we can make a massive difference - I'm sure of it!

Lots of love,

Morgan xx

walk gently on the earth as though you are kissing it with your feet.

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