My Eco-Conscious Morning Routine

As humans, I think we will be eternally intrigued about how other people live their lives. From morning routines to food prepping, to packing a suitcase and unpacking mail, there is so much content on the internet about this. So I thought, maybe people would be interested in knowing a little bit more about how I go about my morning in a way that has a little less of an environmental impact.

So here we go:

I usually wake up at 5:30/ 6:00 so that I can make time for things that set me up for the day.

The first thing I do is turn on my himalayan salt lamp. The small amount of light helps to stimulate serotonin in my body to make me feel more awake.

I make my bed as soon as I get out of it. Whilst it might seem like a waste of time to some, my mind subconsciously feels more calm and 'clean' as soon as my bed is in order.

I then go to the bathroom, drink some water and go and grab my good quality, long lasting gym gear! I wear old t-shirts and Lululemon leggings which I've had for 4 years and they're still in great condition - spending a bit more up front, definitely pays off.

Once I've finished my exercise, I take a 30 second shower (literally!) without getting my hair wet (no need to blow-dry!).

I then tongue scrape - an Ayurvedic technique of cleansing & something I get satisfaction from

On days I'm working I wear a small amount of natural/organic makeup. I wear:

- La Mav organic BB cream

- Eve Perez highlighter on my cheekbones and eyelids.

- Innika mascara (Every so often)

- Aesop or homemade deodorant.

I then eat breakfast which is either coconut yoghurt or porridge with berries, nuts and seeds, and pack my lunch in a reusable container + Tread Lightly reusable cutlery!

After I've finished with the food preparation and eating, I brush my teeth with my homemade toothpaste in a reused jar and my Tread Lightly bamboo toothbrush.

I catch the train to work, and walk to and from the station everyday which saves using petrol and is a lovely time to get outside as I spend most of my working days indoors.

So there you have it.

It is really quite simple, and not hugely different to the morning routine of most people I know. However, I do make conscious decisions to ensure everything I do is the kindest thing for the planet.

I would love to hear about the simple things you incorporate into your mornings to tread a little lighter. Maybe you keep your power off until a certain time, eat eggs for brekky from your backyard chickens or use a stainless steel straw to drink your morning smoothie, all these things make a real difference to the state of our planet.

Lots of love,

Morgan xx

walk gently on the earth as though you are kissing it with your feet.

Thich Naht Hahn