Perth - An Eco Guide

On our last night in Perth, my dad asked me my impressions were of Perth.

Being the first time I'd visited since we'd left 21 years ago (when I was only 1, I had a pretty fresh set of eyes and no expectations.

An underrated city, one with cautious drivers, beautiful beaches and lots of active people. In Perth, buses are the most convenient mode of transport, the sun seems to always be shining and the people are very relaxed.

I love to explore cities with an eco-lense aiming to leave as little of a footprint. Because whilst we may not have any physical ties to a travel destination, the entire earth is our collective home and so it should be treated with kindness.

This guide is not for the tourist at heart, but designed for the eco-friendly nerd inside of you who gets s little too excited when they see a cool new yoga studio or bulk food store. I hope this guide can inspire you & you look forward to a lot more to come:

*Note: If you're just here for a quick list of my suggestions - go to the end.

Day 1 - A bit of everything!

The Raw Kitchen

The lovely people at the Raw Kitchen stock my Bamboo Utensil sets, which is how I came to learn about them. Once I learn't what they were about I was hooked and had to know more.

The Raw Kitchen is in the seaside suburb of Fremantle, which is a mix of grungy, historic and touristy.

Though the name might suggest otherwise, the food isn't all raw but rather a beautiful variety of plant-based meals which, as they detail in their 'sustainability practises' is 'above all else, the most sustainable choice that we -both as individuals and as a social group - can make in order to produce the greatest and most immediate impact on lowering carbon emissions, rates of global water consumption, pollution, land degradation and more.'

I got the 'nourish bowl' and a house brewed kombucha with a stainless steel straw(!!) It was a new experience for dad!

They also have a beautiful Yoga Studio and Zero Waste store which will make our visit very worthwhile

From Fremantle, you could catch a Ferry or a train/bus into the city, specifically to Kings Park.

Kings Park

This beautiful bushland park sits right in the middle of the city and features a series of walking trails and botanical gardens. If you're keen to get some more intense excercise, I've heard Jacob's ladder will definitely give you a run for your money.

I love to take my shoes off and get connected to the earth, a practise known as 'earthing'. Regardless of the scientific terms - we know it's intuitively good for the body and spirit for we are connecting back to our source!

If you walk from top-down in the park, you'll pop out on Mount's Bay Drive which has a walking/riding path right around the river.

Day 2 - Sarah Wilson-esque Exploration

If you're wondering, I've seen Sarah Wilson speak about her #bushexcursions which are where she catches a train out into the bush with very minimal gear on her (she chronicles them on insta using this hashtag #sarahwilsonhikes

Essentially, I was excited and very taken to the idea of travelling minimally so I grabbed my phone, headphones (as I cannot seem to live without podcasts) and my bank card.

I wore leggings with a pocket for everything and sneakers for walking a lot.

I then jumped on a train from the city centre and then a bus until I got to Dunn & Walton.

Dunn & Walton

Gorgeous little health-food/eco friendly store with all organic produce, minimal plastic packaging, bulk bins & a healthy deli with delish treats. Bring along your own reusable containers and cutlery and get a selection of food for a picnic on the beach (hint to where I'm taking you next).

Next Up, a 3km walk to Trigg Bushland Reserve. It's not overly scenic but it's a good way to get familiar with the 'everyday' Perth which is something we often miss out on when we travel.

Trigg Bushland Reserve

Here you'll find a series of beautiful walking tracks, which will lead you out to the beach. I loosely followed this brochure & headed toward the beach.

Not sure if it's a commonly known thing, but they're (whoever they are) right when they say the beaches in Perth are beautiful.

There is nothing better than being surrounded by nature on a beautiful day! When you get to the beach you should dive in the ocean - I mean look at it!! (below)

There is nothing more amazing than the feeling of the salt water after a good walk. Unfortunately I was wearing a sports bra which was attached to my top (looks cool, but not ideal for impromptu beach swims) so I just took my shoes off and walked up to my knees).

Continue along the beach, until you get to Scarborough. Then you can keep going along the beach or walk up to the walking/riding path. Continue along here as long as you please - you could walk all the way down to Cottesloe if you want! Then when you're ready, jump on the bus and head back into town.

Walking trail from Scarborough to City Beach

The Cinemas

Not really recommending any cinema in particular, I just think it's rather indulgent to take yourself to the movies - particularly after a day of walking and sunshine.

On this occasion, I went to Palace Cinemas - I was surprised that full-price tickets were $11.50!! (not sure if it was just the right timing as the cinema had just opened - so hopefully they don't change for you)

In case you're wondering, my favourite last-minute zero waste movie snacks (i.e to buy in the supermarket close by) would be green apples or some kind of trail mix which you can usually get from the supermarket (use a mushroom bag if you don't have your own).

Eco Travel Tips

- If you're looking to pack as little as possible, the two things I think are a must are: a reusable utensil set and a reusable coffee cup (you can also use these on the plane).

- When staying in a hotel - avoid using the single use shampoos/conditioners, drinking from the single-use water bottles or requesting linen changes.

- If you want snacks, use your keep cup as a 'jar' and head to the bulk food section of the supermarket or even better - to a bulk food store. Otherwise fruit & veg make great take-away snacks

- Opt for public transport, bike riding or walking rather than ubers/taxis.



The Raw Kitchen - Fremantle

The Clean Food Store - Subiaco

Dunn & Walton - DoubleView

Flora and Fauna - NorthGate

Veggie Mama - Mount Lawley

Walking & Nature:

Kings Park - CBD

Cottesloe - a run, swim and brekky here is a GOLDEN combo.

Trigg Bushland Reserve + Beach

South Perth Foreshore

Other things I love to do:

Palace Cinemas - Raine Park (CBD)

YogaLab - Fremantle

I'm heading off to Europe very soon so stay tuned for some more in-depth travel guides!

Lots of Love,

Morgan xx

walk gently on the earth as though you are kissing it with your feet.

Thich Naht Hahn