Your Simplified Guide to Recycling

It's something we probably do everyday, and yet I still think there is a common confusion about what you can actually recycle and not. Given it's something we've probably done since we were kids, we should have it mastered by now, but the funny thing is most of us are just giving it a good guess and committing. And the funniest thing is, no one likes to admit that they're making it up either.

So because the idea that you're recycling wrong pushes my stress buttons, I've broken it down in some easy infographics which you can save to your phone, or if you're a great student, print out and place above your bins so you never get it wrong again.

A caveat, that it is a simplified guide so if you have 5 extra minutes it is worthwhile to do a quick search to see if your council has any specifications particularly when it comes to the types of plastics it accepts.

As you probably know, Australia is in a bit of a debacle when it comes to recycling - since China stopped importing our waste. Here is a bit of an update from the ABC if you're interested.

But essentially there is WAY too much recycling for our on-shore facilities.

So, recycling isn't the ideal solution. Instead, we need to be looking at ways we can reduce our waste in the first place.

Here are 5x quick ways to commit to this week:

1. Put your fruit and veggies in your trolley loose, or use the paper bags for mushrooms for those that can't go loose. Then compost your paper bags or use them to pick up your dogs poo.

2. Bring your keep cup, or drink your coffee in the cafe.

3. Buy your nuts and grains in bulk from your health foods store or bulk-food store.

4. Keep a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go & avoid all plastic bottled drinks

5. Similarly, keep a reusable container with you at work to use for take-away meals.

I'd love to hear some other ways that you've managed to cut back your waste too!

Hope this was helpful.


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