Simple Tips to Avoid Plastic Slip-Ups

It’s not until you try to avoid plastic, that you realise how much we use on a daily basis. But knowing what I know about waste, here are a few simple things to try you can do are:

  • Reusable Bags for unexpected Items: I’ve gotten much better but I sometimes still find myself buying things on impulse. Keeping a couple of lightweight bags on me is so convenient in circumstances like these, so that I can easily say no to single use bags.

  • Bring a Water Bottle: I’m the thirstiest person ever so for me it’s essential that I bring my water bottle with me everywhere. If I’m out for ages and manage to drink all the water I’ll ask in a cafe to fill it up or find a drinking tap in a park. and if you empty it, ask a cafe to fill it up for you.

  • Keep a Cutlery Set with you: Something else I do that is admittedly, a little gross, is to keep some cutlery in my bag all the time and I mean ALL THE TIME (I genuinely never wash them).However, I always end up thanking my lazy habits when I am eating food that requires cutlery and my only other option would be plastic cutlery.

  • Coffee Cups: Ask for your coffee cup without a lid, or even better, bring your own!

Here is a great guide about what you can and can't recycle (Australian)

And just remember, even if you slip up once or one hundred times, just being conscious about your waste puts you way further ahead than majority of people.

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