What's the deal with Biodegradable Plastics?

Plastic is a shocker, we all know that - that's why you're here! However there's another type of 'eco-friendly' plastic which is bioplastic. The reason I have put eco friendly in inverted comma's is that bioplastics have great intentions - it's just, people don't know anything about them.

So here is the low down:


Bioplastic is made from plants and their oils and is melted down to created plastic. This means that from a manufacturing perspective, bioplastics are so much better for the environment than regular plastics which are made from toxic chemicals that are poisonous for us an our environment.


Similarly to plants, bioplastics only truly break down when composted. So chucking them in the rubbish bin won't do the planet any favours and they'll act very similarly to regular plastics - meaning it will take them years to break down!

Whilst this sounds fine, composting bio-plastics is just not convenient in everyday life!

If you think to where people are using bioplastics - it's when they're out, maybe having acai bowl or drinking smoothies. In this instance, most people probably won't hold on to their finished containers until they reach the next compost, because most likely they have no idea where to find one and even if they do it's not a very convenient way of living.


Reusables are ALWAYS the best alternative, so if you know you're going to get smoothies or acai bowls and plastic is the only way they serve it - bring your own bowl/cup/jar instead. The worst they can do is turn you down - you tried and you can try somewhere else next time! Honestly, don't beat yourself up if you use bioplastics or regular plastics at that. The fact that you're consciously trying to reduce is already so amazing and I'm so proud of you for that!

If you're super interested and want to see where I sourced all my info, CLICK HERE!

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